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Team Name: City Leisure and Play
Goals This project-based course will form research teams that innovates urban design to support prosocial behaviors, or we’re going to see what makes cities fun!
Research, Design or Technical Issues Involved or Addressed The team will research public spaces that have been shared on social media, like YouTube, for examples of human performances and prosocial behaviors. Sub-teams will find, code, map, and evaluate the places for urban design factors affording prosocial behavior.
Sub-teams Search







Big data: search and scrape

Post-occupancy evaluation

Video Coding


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping

Majors and Areas of Interest Landscape Architecture

Community and Regional Planning


Art and Visual Culture

Industrial Design

Event Management

Computer Science


Real Estate


All majors welcome

Partners EDSA

College of Design

Related Grand Challenges Enabling Healthy Lives; Building sustainable human and natural ecosystems


Contacts Primary Instructor: Dr. Ben Shirtcliff


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