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create discipline specific projects


Students can work as part of a group and create one site. Collaboration is central to business and is a key communication skill. Students can develop a single project or develop a thorough site over the course of a semester working as a team.


With the ability to write blog posts that allow readers to comment, your students can engage in conversations over topics studied in class. Students can develop ideas on a topic and learn to hold open discussions online as mediators.


Writing for the web allows several levels of privacy. Students can maintain a secure, private site that can only be viewed by an instructor. However, take advantage of public settings and allow your students to practice civic engagement in their field.

Present Data

Students working on research projects can present their data as a group or individual. Instructors can follow the progress of a project from conception to completion, offering feedback on students’ process throughout.


Research takes time and effort, and it can be difficult to keep track of everything. Students can summarize sources, organize with categories and keywords, pull specific quotes, and keep everything within a click through hyperlinking.


Seniors can create a capstone project for their major. Preparing for the job market after graduation is only a part of the university experience. Students can reflect on their learning experience over their four years and continue their intellectual growth.