Examples of eProjects

Visit any of the sample eProjects below by clicking on the image or title of the project.

American Indian Studies

This eProject is an example of a semester-long class project. For this assignment, students were asked to contribute to the course blog over the entire semester. Each student chose their own avatar or blog image, and posted reading responses, media recommendations, and discussion points.

Personal Portfolio

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Game-based Learning

This is an example done as a final team project. The students built a video game for their final, and developed this website to go with it. The eProject details the evolution of the project, and includes their position paper.

Landscape Architecture

A class blog about urban landscape and design.

Women & Leadership

This is the template for the Women and Leadership (WGS 333) course. The teams were offered eProjects for their final assignment, which was to create a PSA focusing on an issue or concept from the course. The template gives them examples on how to create a contextual home for their PSA, as well as how to upload video.


This template was developed for the Social Class and Inequality course. The eProject is an example of a single-student project. The students were asked to conduct interviews with family members to figure out their own positionality in terms of social class. In previous semesters, this was a paper. Turning the assignment into an eProject allowed the students to post family trees, videos of their interviews, and more.


This eProject is an example of a semester-long group project. In this course, students were asked to run their own fictional business for the semester – including all of the accounting and communication for it. They developed these eProjects as their businesses’ websites. This is the template example, with links to the student projects on the page.

Family Policy

This template was created for the Family Policy course. It has various pages that detail how some or all of the assignments could be converted into digital projects.

Pop Culture

A sample site about the analysis of popular culture.